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Research and investment Strategy team

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Laurence Boon portraitLaurence Boone

Head of AXA IM Research & Investment Strategy
Global Head of MACS and TSF
Member of the Executive Committee, AXA IM



Ano Kuhanathan portraitAno Kuhanathan


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Macro-economic Research

Laurent Clavel Laurent Clavel

Head of macroeconomic Research



Manolis Davradakis

Economist (Non-Asian Emerging Markets)



Divid Page portraitDavid Page

Senior Economist (US and UK)



Céline Renucci portraitCéline Renucci

Economist (Euro area)

Shirley Shen's photoShirley Shen

Economist (Emerging Asia excluding China)



Aidan Yao

Senior Economist (China)



Investment Strategy

Maxime AlimiMaxime Alimi

Head of Investment Strategy



Varun Ghotgalkar portraitVarun Ghotgalkar

Strategist - Equity





Ombretta Signori portraitOmbretta Signori

Strategist (Interest Rates, Govies, Linkers)



Gregory Venizelos portraitGregory Venizelos

Strategist (Credit, IG, HY and SSA)



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Responsible Investment research team


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Matt Christensen portraitMatt Christensen

Global Head of Responsible Investment


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Shade Duffy portraitShade Duffy

Head of Corporate Governance


Pascale SagnierPascale Sagnier

Head of Thematic Research


Laurence Devivier portraitLaurence Devivier

Senior Analyst, ESG thematic


Luisa Florez portraitLuisa Florez

Senior Analyst


Vincent Compiègne

Quantitative Analyst



Julien Foll PortraitJulien Foll

Responsible Investment Analyst


Lise Moret portraitLise Moret

Senior Quantitative Analyst



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