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Research at AXA IM

Primary research is core to our culture

Macro-economic trends and financial markets are the raw materials of our business. We carry out extensive research to generate forward-thinking analysis for our clients, helping us to improve the performance of portfolio managers and develop insight-driven solutions.


Latest news from the Research team

20/01/2017 - Thailand: 2017 Outlook

Mixed growth prospects and relatively high external vulnerability warrant investor caution

18/01/2017 - Brexit: “Great moment of national change”

May’s plan contained little new information but offered a useful, comprehensive clarification of the government’s collective view

16/01/2017 - Macro Insights

The Research & Investment Strategy (R&IS) team present their views on recent developments and the factors shaping markets over the week ahead.

16/01/2017 - Consider this - Eight centuries of bond market reversals

With “Consider this” we introduce a new series of curated articles and papers that we believe could be of interest to our readers. These do not represent our views and are intended for...

12/01/2017 - EM in 2017: the shield of capital inflows

Capital inflows to EMs are expected to slow down in 2017, although Manolis Davradakis does not believe they would fall off a cliff as in 2013-2015.

09/01/2017 - China: fighting an uphill battle to stabilise RMB

PBoC revising the CFETS index and taking steps to alleviate FX pressure

06/01/2017 - Stock-bond correlation - looking for a shift

The negative correlation is likely to weaken, reducing diversification

04/01/2017 - 2017 Global outlook

In this Blue Book, we outline our short-term outlook and highlight the trends we expect to emerge over the next decade. In all, we are erring towards optimism as secular stagnation increasingly...

22/12/2016 - Brexit the French way – regulation, tax and politics

As part of the E-Book “What To Do With the UK? EU perspectives on Brexit”, published on VOX and edited by Pr. Charles Wyplosz, 24 October 2016

20/12/2016 - US outlook 2017

The election of the 45th President of the US looks likely to have a material impact on the outlook for US activity over the coming years. While acknowledging the significant policy uncertainty,...
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Laurence Boone - AXA IM Research

"One of the key roles of our research capability is to turn facts and figures into robust,  high-quality analysis, which our investment professionals can rely upon, day in and day out."

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