How to be prepared for an interview

What we are looking for in a CV

  • Adapt your CV to the job and industry your are applying for.
  • List your professional experiences in a chronological order.
  • The length of the CV must be adapted to your work experience.
  • Keep details factual.
  • Highlight important accomplishments and make a list of daily tasks for each company you worked in.
  • Mention competencies and IT skills you may have related to the job.
  • Avoid using particular fonts, personal details unnecessary to your application and quotes.
  • Be precise concerning your availability date and the type of contract you are looking for.
  • Job titles and short presentations at the beginning of the CV are appreciated.

The interview

  • An interview must be prepared in advanced: think about what distinguishes you from another candidate and where you can bring an added value to the job.
  • Prepare yourself to speak in English on different topics, especially if the job you are applying for has an international scope.
  • Spend some time reading the corporate website and doing a bit of research on AXA IM (values, industry, current news…)
  • Be consistent when you present your career.
  • Give as much concrete examples as you can, based on your experiences. This will illustrate your CV.
  • Always stay positive when talking about your previous and actual work experiences.
  • Listen carefully to your interviewer and don’t hesitate on asking questions. This will make you seem interested and focused.
  • Be yourself;  showing your true personality in interviews will help make a difference between you and other candidates.
  • Make notes before and during interviews, this will give the impression you are paying full attention.