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Multi Asset Investments

Multi Asset Investment vehicles incorporate a broad range of diversified asset classes alongside specific investment requirements. Our Multi-Asset Investments team provides investment strategies and outcomes to institutional and retail clients, targeting a variety of risk / return profiles through exposure to a wide range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies and alternative assets.

The strategies managed by our team of 24 investment professionals* can be broadly categorised as tactical asset allocation solutions and absolute and total return strategies.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Our tactical asset allocation solutions include a broad range of multi-asset class strategies and mandates aiming to deliver long term excess returns above their performance indicators through a combination of active tactical asset allocation and security selection. We also provide strategies with specific investment outcomes. Examples of the diverse investment approaches include:

  • Diversified Growth Strategy: a multi-asset strategy aiming to provide an efficient and diversified liquid solution for investors seeking equity-like returns but with reduced volatility and downside risk. To deliver this objective, the strategy combines long-term diversification, short and medium-term asset allocation and cost-efficient active security selection.
  • Multi-Asset Income Strategy: a multi-asset strategy aiming to offer regular income through both yield generation and capital appreciation. Long-term assets are used to mitigate yielding assets cycle and subsequently aim to achieve the income target without endangering capital.
  • Target Maturity Strategies: broadly diversified strategies adapted to the age and risk profile of each investor in a transparent and flexible framework. As the target retirement date approaches, the strategy moves towards a lower risk allocation to reduce portfolio risk.


Absolute & Total Return

Our absolute and total return offering provides flexible exposure to investments that are not constrained by a benchmark. Multi-asset class solutions are constructed to meet investors' individual risk-return preference and investment time horizon. The investment process can combine bottom-up security picking with top-down asset allocation, which benefits from research across the AXA IM Group.

Examples of strategies include:

  • Flexible European & Global Equity strategies: flexible exposures to global and european equity markets with no benchmark constraint. The aim is to capture part of the equity upside while mitigating downside equity risk by hedging and / or having access to lower risk assets when necessary.
  • Absolute Return Strategy: our absolute return / multi-asset class offer aims to generate positive performance on a yearly basis, irrespective of market conditions in a robust risk management monitoring framework. We aim to implement in the portfolio several investment strategies that are lowly correlated to the market and among themselves.


Reasons to partner with us for multi-asset strategies:

  • Client focused: process and solutions tailored to your specific needs and regulatory framework.
  • Robust investment process: longstanding track-record experience in multi-asset strategies based on a repeatable process combining qualitative judgement with quantitative tools.
  • Rigorous risk management: risk management and control are fully integrated into each step of our investment process.


*Source AXA Investment Managers as at 30/06/2015


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