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01 December 2016

Outlook 2017 - Rates are back

We examine the fundamentals behind the present backdrop of low interest rates and challenge the dominant idea that this is the fate of our future as investors.

23 September 2016

Can politics and central banks derail the ongoing recovery?

Slow recovery continues among rising risks.

17 March 2017

Scotland Referendum II

SNP’s Sturgeon’s call for a second Scotland referendum has been rebuffed for now by UK Prime Minister May. David Page discusses the likelihood of a second plebiscite being held only after the next Ge ...

17 June 2016

Brexit concerns prevail, growth remains fragile

No changes to our asset allocation: Given the prevailing uncertainty we confirm our prudent strategy with an underweight in equities but reiterate our positive view on credit. We also repeat our reco ...

14 April 2016

US-China soft patch behind us but risks remain

The first quarter of 2016 has been a story of two halves: Risk assets declined sharply before recovering substantially from mid-February. This turnaround coincided with oil prices starting to pick up ...

09 June 2017

UK General Election 2017: Strong and stable gives way to weak and wobbly

The election result defied polls, leaving the Prime Minister in charge of a fragile minority government.

18 May 2017

Investment Strategy - The return of central banks

In this Monthly Investment Strategy, we take a deep dive into the uncharted territory of quantitative tightening, soon to materialise in the US, and the reduction of quantitative easing expected to h ...

21 October 2016

Could politics mess it all up?

Politics take the front seat : en route for a bumpy Q4.

29 November 2017

November Investment Strategy: The global economic backdrop – too good to be true?

Buoyant global economy, subdued inflation and accommodative monetary policies