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We are a long-term, global, multi-asset investor focused on enabling more people to harness the power of investing to meet their financial goals. Contact our Media team for more information, or to access products, visit our international website.


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23/05/2016 - Market Thinking 23 May 2016 - A view from the equity market

The latest Federal Reserve (Fed) minutes have swung the received wisdom amongst the noise traders back towards higher rates in the US which is leading to a firming of the US dollar again.

20/05/2016 - Iggo's Insight 20 May 2016: A view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM

It is an indisputable general point that risky assets perform well in economic expansions and safe assets perform well in downturns. The problem at the moment is that we don’t know where we are...

16/05/2016 - Market Thinking 16 May 2016 - A view from the equity market

As discussed over recent months, the big challenge for the Chinese authorities is that half of the country is growing at double digits and half is not growing at all, which makes macro policy very...

13/05/2016 - Iggo's Insight 13 May 2016: A view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM

Prospective returns from developed equity and bond markets are unexciting given the tepid growth outlook. It’s an investment environment that favours conservative strategies focused on sustainable...

10/05/2016 - Market Thinking 10 May 2016 - A view from the equity market

I have just been down in Australia for our annual series of roundtables where AXA Investment Managers seeks to engage with our clients in areas of general investment thought leadership. This year I...
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