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28/03/2017 - AXA IM expands Laurence Boone's remit

Boone to become Global Head of MACS and TSF in addition to Global Head of R&IS.

24/03/2017 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM - Tale of Two Debts

In aggregate, the bond asset class remains expensive. Government bond yields are too low to tempt a meaningful increase in duration exposure, credit spreads are so tight that it is difficult adding...

23/03/2017 - Market Thinking - a view from the equity market - commentary from Mark Tinker, AXA IM

Last week we discussed the ‘Ides of March’ and the prospect that the March options expiry might trigger an uptick in Volatility. While the expiry itself seemed to pass relatively uneventfully, the...

17/03/2017 - AXA IM's David Page - Scottish Referendum II: Deferred poll limits market impact

David Page, Senior Economist at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), comments on the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) call for a second referendum.

17/03/2017 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM - How Soon is Now?

No-one really seems to have enjoyed the current economic expansion and now, because it has been going on for several years, some are worrying about the end. The typical end of cycle signs are there...
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