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We are a long-term, global, multi-asset investor focused on enabling more people to harness the power of investing to meet their financial goals. Contact our Media team for more information, or to access products, visit our international website.


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17/02/2017 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM - Enjoy The Silence

Inflation is gradually rising and economic data, on the whole, is very positive. Investor focus is on politics but it is important to understand that the Federal Reserve (Fed) needs to raise...

17/02/2017 - AXA IM's Aidan Yao: China – Exerting its influence over Asia

Aidan Yao, Senior Emerging Asia Economist at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), assesses China’s economic and financial spill-overs in the region.

15/02/2017 - Market Thinking - a view from the equity market - commentary from Mark Tinker, AXA IM

This week is half term holidays across much of Europe and the markets are focussing on President Trump, much as this time last year the world was panicking about China collapsing. Markets...

14/02/2017 - AXA IM's David Page - “Protection will lead to great prosperity”

David Page, Senior Economist at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), comments on how the US might slip into protectionism

10/02/2017 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM - Vox Populari

One of the core themes of populism is taking back control of economic relationships for the benefit of “ordinary” people. That can mean changing the balance of trade relationships, withdrawing from...
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