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This is the decision-making body responsible for the global strategic management of the company. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, enabling the body to define and implement AXA IM's strategy, review performance, and address key risk, audit, compliance, human resources and business topics. It usually meets three times a month.

The members of AXA IM's Management Board do not have any business involvement other than within AXA IM's companies, and work under the supervision and guidance of the AXA IM SA Board of Directors.

Andrea Rossi's portrait

Andrea Rossi

Chief Executive Officer and Board Director



Francisco Arcilla

Global Head of Sales, AXA IM



Mark Beveridge' portrait

Mark Beveridge

CFA, Global Head of Framlington Equities 



Laurence Boone's portrait

Laurence Boone

Chief Economist AXA Group, Head of Research AXA IM and Global Head of MACS and TSF



Christophe Coquema's portraitChristophe Coquema

Global Head of Client Group 



Jean-Christophe Menioux's portraitJean-Christophe Ménioux

General Secretary - CFO



Joseph Pinto's portrait

Joseph Pinto

Global COO 



John Porter's portraitJohn Porter

Global Head of Fixed Income and Structured Finance



Heidi Ridley's portrait

Heidi Ridley

CEO of AXA IM Rosenberg Equities



Isabelle Scemama's portraitIsabelle Scemama

CEO of AXA IM - Real Assets



Amelie Watelet portrait

Amélie Watelet

Chief Transformation Officer and Global Head of Human Resources & Communications