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28 October 2019

US high-yield outlook: Fundamental and technical factors aligned

We live in a turbulent world. So far this year, we have seen international trade conflicts intensify, the US Treasury yield curve invert and central banks return to easing monetary policy.


02 July 2019

Chasing yield: Bond liquidity in a post-crisis world

There has been no shortage of press coverage on financial market liquidity in recent months, with at least three examples of asset managers experiencing difficulties with the management of mutual fun ...


08 April 2019

Are the yield curve’s predicative powers diminishing?

The US yield curve has inverted before every recorded recession over the last five decades, however the spate of recent and unconventional monetary policy could potentially be rendering the barometer ...


04 April 2019

Investors’ yield appetite has returned and the Asian credit rally shows no sign of abating

This rally is being driven by a combination of a dovish Federal Reserve, accommodative Chinese policies and signs of a trade war resolution, all of which appear to have revised investor sentiment.


11 February 2019

US high-yield outlook: The opportunity in risk

Given the manner in which 2018 panned out, especially in the final weeks, it is understandable if investors approached 2019 with some trepidation.


22 October 2018

What’s concerning bond investors? Three risks in three minutes

In this video Chris Iggo discusses three key risks he believes bond investors should be watching – US interest rates, escalating trade wars and the European political scene.


01 September 2018

Credit and inflation breakevens: what are these metrics and why should investors care?

Understanding breakevens, both the inflation and the credit breakeven could be crucial to mitigating risk.


18 May 2018

Market volatility delivers renewed value in bond markets

Volatility has dominated markets for much of 2018, with the VIX, or so-called fear index, spiking in February1 following a subdued 2017.


01 May 2018

What the rising dollar means for bond investors

For the income hungry, US bonds might currently look like a very attractive proposition, with yields hovering around the 3%[1] mark.