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The Evolving Economy

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The Evolving Economy

25 March 2020

The Evolving Economy: How companies are navigating long-term trends

New technologies and demographic shifts have changed the ways that companies behave, as they seek to take advantage of long-term trends. Many have taken steps to adapt the way they operate, and the g ...

The Evolving Economy

31 January 2020

It’s a match: How do dating apps make money?

Online dating is now widely, and increasingly, accessible thanks to the adoption of smartphones - those in the market for romance can now easily search for potential partners using a variety of crite ...

The Evolving Economy

03 December 2019

Thematic equities in focus

After a strong first half of 2019, global equities were muted in the third quarter, with the MSCI All Country World Index delivering a neutral return of -0.03% in USD.

The Evolving Economy

08 November 2019

Cyber Monday: 4 reasons online sales are surging

Cyber Monday evolved as the digital equivalent of US shopping holiday ‘Black Friday’, as retailers encouraged people to shop online.

The Evolving Economy

14 October 2019

How is consolidation transforming the payments industry?

The payments sector has experienced a significant amount of consolidation in recent years, with pure payment firms such as WorldPay and Visa establishing themselves as larger players in the industry ...

The Evolving Economy

01 October 2019

How are robots driving growth in non-automotive industries?

Since the 1950s, robotics have historically been applied to – and has been instrumental in the development of – the automotive industry, cutting out time-intensive inefficiencies such a ...

The Evolving Economy

27 August 2019

The triumph of longevity

Dani Saurymper and Thomas Kirkwood discuss the implications and opportunities of longer life.

The Evolving Economy

27 August 2019

New Opportunities as Life Expectancies Increase

Over the last 150 years, life expectancy has increased by two to three years each decade.

The Evolving Economy

15 August 2019

Using technology to tackle growing electronic waste

Electronic waste – more commonly known as e-waste – refers to the disposal of broken or obsolete electronic equipment, and unless it is disposed of responsibly, it can have serious envi ...