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The Evolving Economy

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The Evolving Economy

15 August 2019

Using technology to tackle growing electronic waste

Electronic waste – more commonly known as e-waste – refers to the disposal of broken or obsolete electronic equipment, and unless it is disposed of responsibly, it can have serious envi ...

The Evolving Economy

31 July 2019

How are challenger banks disrupting the retail banking industry?

The past 2-3 years have seen challenger banks gain traction, with some attracting significant venture capital funding.

The Evolving Economy

18 July 2019

What investors need to know about clean technology

Consumers, governments and corporations are assessing their environmental practices, and developing new clean technologies, as the impact of climate change takes its toll on the planet.

The Evolving Economy

11 June 2019

How are established global financial institutions investing in technology?

Changing consumer behaviour has led to global financial institutions (GFIs) investing more in technology.

The Evolving Economy

17 May 2019

What do investors need to know about IPOs?

A raft of high-profile, silicon valley companies is predicted to sell their shares publicly this year via an IPO (initial public offering). This has invited much speculation of whether investors shou ...

The Evolving Economy

30 April 2019

What the rise of digital advertising means for investors

Companies are now spending more on digital advertising than traditional advertising, reflecting the changing way in which consumers are accessing information about products and services.

The Evolving Economy

25 April 2019

What has the digital economy given you?

High-speed internet access, the near ubiquity of smartphones and the normalization of online payments have transformed the ways services are delivered and goods are bought and sold.

The Evolving Economy

18 April 2019

Food production that doesn’t cost the Earth

The impact of unsustainable food production has put the planet in a delicate position. But, attitudes are changing, awareness is growing, and new clean technologies are providing the potential for ch ...

The Evolving Economy

18 April 2019

Fintech: A chart primer

Everything investors need to know about the fintech industry in five points.