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Research & Investment Strategy

22 March 2019

The week in rev-EU

It was the week before Brexit, until 12 April became the new deadline

Research & Investment Strategy

21 March 2019

Deutsche Qualität

The German economy has slowed significantly in 2018, dampened by weak trade and poor private consumption.

Research & Investment Strategy

15 March 2019

The week in rev-EU

A wrap-up of a week of Brexit developments and our outlook

Equities market monthly

11 March 2019

Catalysts needed to sustain risk on rally

The risk-on rally contrasts with the slowing macro momentum and earnings outlook. We see an unappealing risk/reward trade off in the short term.

Research & Investment Strategy

08 March 2019

Gender diversity: Why balance is better than history’s wild pendulum

Whether looking at intelligence or emotion, cognition or behaviour, science has told us that men and women are fundamentally different and have a different risk-taking profile.

Research & Investment Strategy

04 March 2019

Transatlantic growth divergence reaching a peak

US macro indicators are holding up but “cross currents” have justified a US Federal Reserve pause

Research & Investment Strategy

01 March 2019

Waiting for Godot - Waiting for depo

The euro area economy has slowed significantly over the past year, from 2.5% to 1% annualised. Core inflation has been stuck around 1% since 2016.

Research & Investment Strategy

07 February 2019

2019 emerging market elections: The where, the who and the so what…

Since 2008, market sensitivity to politics has increased

Research & Investment Strategy

04 February 2019

Perseverance or Denial? We stick to our forecasts

The past two months have seen the consensus forecast move closer to the one we published in November