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Multi Asset

11 March 2020

Multi-Asset Quarterly Investment Views - March 2020

In this quarterly video, Serge Pizem, Head of Multi-Asset, shares his views on the global market outlook.

Multi Asset

10 February 2020

2020’s potential winners and losers: Choose your asset classes wisely

Despite a backdrop of concern over the threat of a potential recession, 2019 was a stellar year for equity markets - and bond markets to a certain degree. We now enter 2020 optimistic – albeit ...

Multi Asset

20 December 2019

Trade wars, Brexit and slowing global growth: Will volatility return to markets in 2020?

The past year has been a complex period, dominated by numerous challenges including the ongoing US/China trade war, protracted Brexit negotiations and slowing global growth.

Multi Asset

30 October 2019

Why millennials should care about multi-asset investing

Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996¹, have grown up in a world with distinctly different financial challenges compared to older generations. Nowadays, younger people need to think very diff ...

Multi Asset

22 October 2019

Lump sum or regular investing: which is best?

Working out how much to invest and when to do so is something investors often agonise about just as much as where to put their money.

Multi Asset

16 October 2019

What the 2019 Rugby World Cup can teach investors about diversification – and volatility

While there will be one clear winner in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, other teams could still shine in their individual matches – and star performers can change over time and even disappoint. It’s ...

Multi Asset

07 October 2019

Why diversification and ‘time in the market’ can matter

Periods of stock market volatility can be unsettling but dipping in and out to avoid any falls, could prove to be a costly mistake.

Multi Asset

30 August 2019

How investors of all ages could use multi-asset strategies to tackle financial and demographic issues

An uncertain environment and ongoing socioeconomic transformations have left investors facing new financial and demographic obstacles.

Multi Asset

12 July 2019

Coping with financial market volatility: Lump sum versus regular investing tactics

Despite concerns over slowing global growth, the ongoing trade war and the prolonged uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations, the first half of 2019 has been relatively kind to investors. Having ...