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18 October 2019

We see a potential for higher inflation breakevens and find value in short duration inflation-linked bonds

Inflation expectations are depressed despite inflation forecasts remaining stable this is a value opportunity in our opinion, we see room for higher inflation breakevens.

MAI views

17 October 2019

Multi-Asset investment views - October 2019

Serge Pizem shares his views on the global economic outlook

Multi Asset

16 October 2019

What the 2019 Rugby World Cup can teach investors about diversification – and volatility

While there will be one clear winner in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, other teams could still shine in their individual matches – and star performers can change over time and even disappoint. It’s ...

Macro insights

14 October 2019

Negotiations on trade and Brexit continue, but has progress been made?

Trade tensions will continue to dominate the economic outlook. The coming week’s Empire State and Philadelphia Federal surveys will provide the first estimates of October’s US manufacturing activity.


14 October 2019

Tunnelling out? Not so fast

Given the accumulation of risks and the disappointing data flow this year, we have learned to take comfort in small things.

The Evolving Economy

14 October 2019

How is consolidation transforming the payments industry?

The payments sector has experienced a significant amount of consolidation in recent years, with pure payment firms such as WorldPay and Visa establishing themselves as larger players in the industry ...

Iggo's insight

11 October 2019


Markets have performed well this year despite all the uncertainties. A clearing of some of those is possible in the weeks ahead (possible I said, not probable). If that does happen, risk is likely to ...

Research & Investment Strategy

10 October 2019

US repo rate surge

Tensions in short-term funding markets in September suggest a fundamental scarcity of reserves.

Research & Investment Strategy

08 October 2019

Five reasons to consider China as a standalone asset allocation

The accelerating integration of China into the world’s financial market will have a profound impact on how global investors allocate capital.

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