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A token price

Part of the crypto finance infrastructure went public this week by issuing traditional equity on a traditional exchange to raise traditional dollars.


UK plc: Coming out of COVID fighting

No nation emerged from 2020 economically unscathed, but the UK was hit harder than many, suffering the worst economic recession amongst the G7

Fixed income

The problem with credit indices

The UK institutional client base is reliant on fixed income securities to meet its long-term requirement for stable, long term, income-generating assets.

Research & Investment Strategy

Bank of Japan: Assessing the outcome of its strategic review

The Bank of Japan kept the status quo at its March monetary policy meeting but the market’s attention was on its policy review

Multi Asset

Shifting from green and Chinese equities to US and Europe

In our view, over the short term, Chinese equities offer limited potential. However, over the medium term, the twin engines of gentrification and digitalisation could prove to be strong catalysts

The Evolving Economy

Why green energy is nowhere near bubble territory

Rising valuations for clean energy companies highlights the importance of fundamental analysis and a considered view


Contrasted Expectations

Market-based US inflation expectations have stopped climbing, in contrast with the message from businesses and consumers, contributing to a stabilization of the US bond market.

Iggo's insight

Spring unleashed

The vaccination roll-out appears to be providing some breathing space for markets and society as a whole in countries that have been able to achieve a fairly high level of coverage.

Research & Investment Strategy

China: Decarbonizing the economy

Gauging the economic impact of China’s transition to ‘net zero’