The rise of the digital economy, growing demographic shifts and the changing climate are just some of the forces fundamentally altering how we work and invest today, and how we will live tomorrow.


A wake up call for the energy sector? The IEA's path to net zero

The International Energy Agency’s 18 May report setting out one potential pathway to net zero makes clear the immense challenge ahead for energy companies and their investors.

The vital role of investors in the carbon transition

COVID-19 has fuelled companies, governments and investors to galvanise their efforts in a bid to tackle climate change.

Why a socially aware investment approach pays dividends

The pandemic has pushed the “S” of ESG to the top of the news agenda. Social welfare concerns have forced companies to scramble to keep employees safe, while investors are demanding a fair deal for a ...

ESG and sustainability: Looking beneath the hood

With the vast array of ESG funds now available, it is important to look beneath the hood before investing

People power: The post-COVID rise of social impact investing

We believe that businesses with the strongest social credentials should attract greater investor attention in the future.

Opportunities being created by the 5G evolution

5G is the key technology to a more connected world and is set to both facilitate and accelerate the development and adoption of innovative technologies.

Capturing the ‘demographic dividend’ in emerging market debt

Due to advances in medicine and greater knowledge of how factors such as nutrition impact health, people can look forward to longer lives.

How deforestation is disrupting our biodiversity

Birmingham University's Dr. Vincent Gauci discusses the interrelations between climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity.

Evolving economy: On the lookout for leaders as opportunities grow

How this exciting landscape can potentially reward investors who take care to identify the leaders best placed to make the most of structural opportunities.