The rise of the digital economy, growing demographic shifts and the changing climate are just some of the forces fundamentally altering how we work and invest today, and how we will live tomorrow.


How has the pandemic impacted the outlook for robotics?

COVID-19 has highlighted many areas where robotics have proven beneficial. Despite the global economic slowdown we expect the long-term trend to remain positive.

COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

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Price is no longer an obstacle to clean power

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The need to set more ambitious targets for biodiversity, why people are ageing better and a new climate change warning.

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To tackle the climate crisis, we need to transform our economies

Economic reforms must happen quickly enough to protect the environment, but in a way that also safeguards jobs and livelihoods.

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Meet the owners of two disruptive businesses harnessing digital technology to benefit the lives of people in Singapore, and beyond.