The rise of the digital economy, growing demographic shifts and the changing climate are just some of the forces fundamentally altering how we work and invest today, and how we will live tomorrow.


Earth Overshoot Day: How investors can help move the date

AXA IM experts share their views on how we can reduce the rate at which we consume the planet’s resources, and what the investment implications could be.

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Second-quarter earnings transcripts provide insight into where analysts’ attention lies a year into the crisis

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Could nations stop having to make a choice between economic growth and biodiversity protection?

Net Zero: New investment opportunities

Nigel Topping, United Nations High-Level Climate Champion, COP26, Hans Stoter, Global Head of AXA IM Core, and AXA IM Green Bonds Senior Portfolio Manager Johann Plé shared their views on getting to ...

COP 26: Hitting net zero

The focus on tackling climate change has not dissipated because of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, we have witnessed quite the opposite.

Purchasing power and greater connectivity: The EM debt opportunity

As the number of working age people across emerging markets expands, consumption patterns are changing, creating new opportunities for fixed income investors.

Are we at an inflection point for technology growth?

Investors have been looking to companies which are potentially poised to benefit from the reopening of the global economy.

How has e-commerce shaped the logistics real estate space?

The e-commerce boom has left many retailers needing to rethink the structure of their supply chains to meet consumers’ expectations

Alzheimer's breakthrough could drive a new wave of biotech innovation and investment

The accelerated approval of the first new Alzheimer's treatment in almost two decades looks set to be a potential game changer for the biotechnology sector.