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The Evolving Economy

12 February 2019

How do dating apps make money?

Online dating is now widely, and increasingly, accessible thanks to the adoption of smartphones, and those in the market for romance can now easily search for potential partners using a variety of cr ...

Macro insights

11 February 2019

Long-awaited US data, dovish central banks and Spanish politics

Following the 35-day government shutdown, the US begins publishing data on the economy again this week


11 February 2019

US high-yield outlook: The opportunity in risk

Given the manner in which 2018 panned out, especially in the final weeks, it is understandable if investors approached 2019 with some trepidation.

Iggo's insight

08 February 2019

Bear shock warning

We know from December what a bear-shock looks like. That should be a sobering thought for investors in 2019.

Equities market monthly

08 February 2019

When doves buy

Global equities have swiftly recovered most of their 2018 losses

Rosenberg equities

08 February 2019

Global Factor views 2019

We believe that global macroeconomic growth will modestly decelerate in 2019.

Research & Investment Strategy

07 February 2019

2019 emerging market elections: The where, the who and the so what…

Since 2008, market sensitivity to politics has increased

Macro insights

04 February 2019

Positive earnings, a patient Fed, a soft start for Europe

As expected the euro area ended 2018 on a weak note, growing by 0.2% quarter on quarter

Research & Investment Strategy

04 February 2019

Perseverance or Denial? We stick to our forecasts

The past two months have seen the consensus forecast move closer to the one we published in November

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