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China’s net zero

We focus this week on China’s decision to become carbon neutral by 2060.

Iggo's insight

Second lock

The increased number of positive COVID-19 cases across Europe has led to some restrictions on social mobility being re-imposed.

MAI views

Multi-Asset Investment Views - October 2020

In October’s quarterly video, Serge Pizem, Head of Multi-Asset, shares his views on the global market outlook.

Tomorrow Augmented

COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

Global lockdowns have had a positive impact on the environment. But will the crisis help accelerate the transition towards renewable energy, and what might the investment implications be?


Policy hurdles, political dilemmas

After some U-turns from the US President and although discussions are continuing, no deal has been found on a new fiscal stimulus package.

Iggo's insight

No V in earnings

Social distancing seems to be affecting the ability of Premier League defenders to defend. Governments are closing bars and restaurants.

Responsible investment

Impact Engagement Principles Delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

AXA IM believes that significant positive societal impact can be generated through listed assets investment strategies.

Research & Investment Strategy

How governments can respond to the COVID-19 debt surge

A theoretic overview of debt and the possible measures to reduce it


Still waiting for the US cavalry

The Payroll data for September confirmed that the recovery of the US labour market is stalling. The fact that employment failed to grow outside the hospitality sector suggests the difficulties go wel ...