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AXA IM has embarked on a multi-year impact investment initiative on behalf of AXA Group. Impact investments are intented to create positive impact beyond financial return. As such, they require the management of social and/or environmental performance in addition to financial risk and return.

4 characteristics of impact investing:

  1. Profit is an objective

  2. An intentional, pre-determined Social /Environmental impact

  3. A measurable Social / Environmental impact

  4. A result that produces a net positive change to society.

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4 characteristics of impact investing

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Example of impact





  • Community lending

  • Microfinance, microcredit

  • Housing and financial education

  • Affordability and access

  • Wealth creation / entrepreneurship

  • % women recipients


  • Medical services

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

  • Health insurance

  • Access to affordable healthcare

  • Lower infant and maternal mortality

  • Increased life expectancies

  • Prevention of infections and STDs0


  • Loans for schooling

  • Vocational skills

  • First generation of families attending university

  • Access for women

  • Length of schooling


TEXT - Impact Investment - EN

Impact Investment

Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Global Impact investing Network (GIIN)

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AXA formalizes a comprehensive Responsible Investment strategy
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