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Mark Beveridge, Global Head, Framlington Equities

  Mark Beveridge

  Global Head, Framlington Equities


  • Head of Framlington Equities, member of AXA IM Management Board and Lead Manager of Global Talents Equities strategy
  • Mark has 31 years' investment management experience. Prior to joining Framlington Equities in 2009, he was Partner/Managing Director – Chief Investment Officer Global Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in London
  • CFA Charterholder and has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Miami



Matthew Lovatt, Head of Business Development, Framlington Equities


 Matthew Lovatt

  Head of Business Development


  • Head of Business Development, member of the Management team at Framlington Equities. Matthew is also responsible for all new business activities and manages the Product Specialist team covering a global client base
  • Matthew has 27 years' experience in the asset management industry. Prior to joining Framlington Equities in April 2004, Matthew was Chief Executive of Quaestor Investment Management and previously Marketing Director for the same firm
  • He gained a BSc (Hons) in Economics with Statistics from Bristol University in 1985



Geoffroy Reiss, COO, Framlington Equities

 Geoffroy Reiss

 Chief Operating Officer


  • Chief Operating Officer of AXA Framlington and responsible for all support functions of Framlington Equities, as well as regulatory, risk and legal topics for the Equity division
  • Geoffroy has 15 years' experience in financial services. Prior to joining Framlington in 2009, Geoffroy was Deputy Head of Corporate Strategy of AXA Investment Managers and led several strategic projects at the AXA Group holding company
  • He holds an Engineering diploma from the ENSIEG combined with a degree in Business from the University of Florida



Amanda Prince's photo Amanda Prince

 Head of Investment Analytics


  • Head of Investment Analytics team and member of the Management team at Framlington Equities. Amanda and the Investment Analytics team's responsibilities include risk analysis and management, portfolio construction and engineering, as well as overall investment oversight
  • Amanda has 25 years' experience in the investment management industry. Prior to joining Framlington Equities in September 2005, Amanda was Investment Director at Quaestor Investment Management and, prior to Questor, focused on quantitative research and investment strategy at Henderson Global Investors
  • After a first degree in Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research from Exeter University she gained a MSc in Finance at London Business School. Amanda is also an Associate Member of the CFA Society of UK



Mark Hargraves, Head of Global Equities, Framlington Equities

  Mark Hargraves

  Head of Global Strategies


  • Head of Global Equities and Lead Manager of a number of retail and institutional products in European and Global equities 
  • Mark has 20 years' experience. Prior to joining AXA Investment Managers as a portfolio manager in 2000, he started his fund management career at Hambros Fund Management and gained a wide range of fund management experience running European, EAFE and global portfolios
  • He attended the University of Bristol, gaining a Geography BSc (Hons).  In 2000, he obtained a Masters in Finance from London Business School.  He is an Associate Member of the CFA Institute of UK



Gilles Guibout, Head of Europe Equities, Framlington Equities


  Gilles Guibout

  Head of European Strategies


  • Head of European equities and responsible for a number of retail and institutional equity strategies within Europe/Eurozone and Italy  
  • Gilles has 19 years' experience. Prior to joining AXA Investment Managers in 2006, he worked for San Paolo Asset Management as Fund Manager European Equities, where he held a number of portfolio management roles including European equities, bond and money markets 
  • He graduated in 1995 from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG), a French management school in Paris and holds a DEUG (French university diploma) in Economics and Italian from the University of Paris X-Nanterre. He is also a Member of the Société Française des Analystes Financiers

Julian Thompson, Head of Emerging Markets Equities, Framlington Equities

  Julian Thompson

  Head of Emerging Markets Strategies


  • Head of the Emerging Markets equity team for open funds and responsible for segregate mandates as well as carve-outs within Global Balance strategy
  • Julian has 22 years' experience. Prior to joining AXA IM in 2010, he was Head of Global Emerging Market equities at Threadneedle
  • He has a BA in Classics and a PhD in Classical Literature, both from Cambridge University



Isabelle de Gavoty, Head of Europe Small Cap Equities, Framlington Equities


  Isabelle De Gavoty

  Head of Small Cap Strategies

  • Head of Small Cap which includes several Global and European Mid, Small and Micro-caps products
  • Isabelle has 20 years' experience. Isabelle joined AXA IM initially in 1998 as an analyst in the Europe Small Cap Equity team before being promoted in 2001 to Lead Portfolio Manager in the Small and Mid-Cap team, a position she held until 2007. Previously she worked for Société Générale.
  • She graduated with a Masters in Finance from the University of Aix-Marseille (1994), holds the SFAF certification (French Financial Analyst Association) and is a member of the European Financial Analyst Society



George Luckraft, Head of UK Equities, Framlington Equities


  George Luckraft

  Head of UK Strategies

  • Head of UK Equities and Lead Manager of UK Monthly and Managed Income Funds
  • George has 35 years' experience. Prior to joining Framlington Equities in 2002, he worked for Carrington Pembroke (now Artemis Unit Trust Managers) as Head of UK Equities
  • He graduated from Cambridge with a degree in Engineering and Land Economy in 1980



Frederic Tempel, Head of listed Real Estate Equities, Framlington Equities


  Frédéric Tempel

  Head of Listed Real Estate Strategies

  • Head of listed equities Real Estate and Lead Manager of Global Regional and Mixed Asset Real Estate strategy
  • Frédéric has 19 years' experience. He joined AXA IM as a quantitative analyst in 1996 and then became Portfolio Manager within the Global European equities team
  • He holds a French business school degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris and is a member of EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies)


Anita Barczewski, Head of insurance Investment Equities, Framlington Equities
  Anita Barczewski

  Head of Insurance Investment Equities


  • Head of Insurance Investment and responsible for several Global and Regional portfolios on behalf of Insurance Companies
  • Anita has 26 years' experience. Prior to joining AXA IM in 1999, she was senior fund manager at Generali Finances.
  • She obtained a DESS (postgraduate degree) specialising in financial markets from Dauphine (Paris IX) University in 1988


Source AXA Investment Managers as at 30/06/2015

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