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Our teams cover the majority of the bond market spectrum

A core strength since our founding over 20 years ago

We are one of the world's major fixed income investors. With offices in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Greenwich (Connecticut) and Hong Kong and the Far East, our portfolio managers and analysts benefit from a global view with local expertise in all of the key investment markets.


Breadth of offering

From our origins of managing assets in a Buy and Maintain way for insurance companies, to today's active benchmarked and total returns funds, we cover most markets and asset types, and are able to develop tailored solutions for the benefit of our diverse range of investors.


Award-winning performance

Many products which are managed by our Fixed Income team have won a variety of awards, including the Morningstar Fixed Income Fund Manager of the Year 2015 award.

Find out more about our award-winning range.

The references to league tables and awards are not an indicator of the future places in league tables or awards. Information contained in this document may be updated from time to time. Information contained herein may vary from previous or future published versions of this document.

Iggo's Insight

Chris Iggo, CIO Fixed Income, shares his view of the bond market every week in Iggo's Insight. Read the latest editions below.

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13/01/2017 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM - Joking about supply and demand

If a reason to get involved with the Trump rally was a sense that the President-elect would become more presidential the closer we got to inauguration day, then it is not surprising that some...

06/01/2017 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM

Economic momentum is improving. It is supporting risk assets and delivering good returns to investors. Can it last? It can if the Federal Reserve (Fed) does not need to raise rates too quickly, if...

09/12/2016 - Iggo's insight: a view from the bond market - commentary from Chris Iggo, AXA IM

Investor sentiment has changed. At the very least people are questioning whether the “lower for longer” view on interest rates is still the right roadmap. Donald Trump potentially changes that to a...
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John Porter, Global Head, Fixed Income

"At the heart of our investment approach lies a robust, repeatable global investment process with a culture focused on risk control.  We are centered around our clients, developing solutions that span the majority of the credit continuum to meet their needs."


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