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Rosenberg Equities is a global asset manager with investment teams located in major financial markets worldwide.  We combine deep fundamental analysis of companies around the globe with disciplined, systematic implementation to deliver investment solutions with varying risk and return profiles, across market caps and countries for institutional investors and a range of funds.

A pioneer in quantitative equity investing, we aim to deliver superior investment results for our clients by combining our understanding of how company fundamentals drive equity returns and risks with expertise in systematic analysis and implementation. 


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Our latest news

24/10/2016 - AXA IM Rosenberg Equities’ analysis turns ‘growth versus yield’ debate on its head

Income-oriented retirees can benefit from exposure to higher dividend yield stocks, even at the expense of dividend growth Sydney 24 October 2016: Research from leading global asset manager AXA...

07/10/2014 - Gideon Smith, Chief Investment Officer for Europe at AXA Rosenberg, comments on market opportunities for small cap stock pickers

"I believe we are entering a period of opportunity for stock pickers to potentially deliver above average returns from small cap shares" says, Gideon Smith, Chief Investment Officer for Europe at...

27/10/2014 - Despite "risk off" mode - blended approach appears key to unlocking long term benefits

Jonathan White, Deputy Head of Client Portfolio Management at AXA Rosenberg, the systematic equity arm of AXA IM, comments:


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Heidi Ridley, CEO Rosenberg Equities

"The value we bring to clients rests on two distinct advantages: our ability to identify mis-pricing opportunities through our detailed and systematic fundamental analysis of approximately 20,000 companies globally; and the disciplined and consistent way in which we exploit these opportunities and build portfolios that meet the objectives of our clients."


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Source: AXA Investment Managers

* Rosenberg Equities has fundamental data for, and is actively valuing, approximately 20,000 companies. This figure varies depending on the overall number of companies that are in existence and listed at any point in time.

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