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We offer a full range of active equity products across global, regional and thematic strategies aimed at delivering consistent excess returns through fundamental, bottom-up stock selection. We manage pooled funds as well as segregated mandates for retail and institutional clients. 

Framlington Equities teams are based in London, Paris and Hong Kong.


% of assets outperforming benchmarks

% of assets outperforming benchmarks

Eg : 89% of the assets that we manage on behalf of clients are outperforming their respective benchmarks over 5 years


Source: AXA Investment Managers as at 30/06/2015. Analysis based on all funds with a performance indicator within the Framlington Equities expertise excluding UK Distribution, Insurance funds and funds managed for the part period. 3 year data: Value of assets included in the analysis: $42.8bn, based on 81 funds.  5 year data: Value of assets included in the analysis $38.0bn, based on 70 funds. 10 year data: Value of assets included in the analysis $22.5bn, based on 50 funds. The figures provided relate to previous months or years and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.  Index's performance is calculated on the basis of net dividend reinvested.


Market Thinking, Mark Tinker

Mark Tinker, Head of Framlington Equities Asia, shares his view of the equity market every week in Market Thinking. Read the latest editions below.

You can also follow us on Twitter @AXAIM for the latest #MarketThinking

12/07/2016 - Market Thinking 11 July 2016 - A view from the equity market

It is typhoon season here in Hong Kong which is operating as an appropriate metaphor for markets. A colleague on a marketing trip was almost trapped in Taiwan last weekend as ‘super typhoon’...

04/07/2016 - Market Thinking 04 July 2016 - A view from the equity market

Earlier this year we suggested that while Q1 was all about China GDP and (we believed) an unnecessary panic over the currency, Q2 would be all about the European Union (EU) referendum and once...

28/06/2016 - Market Thinking 28 June 2016 - A view from the equity market

There is of course only one real topic of conversation here in Asia this week, the fallout from the European Union (EU) referendum vote in the UK last week. The sharp moves were a five sigma event...
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Mark Beveridge, Global Head, Framlington Equities

"At Framlington Equities, our highly experienced portfolio managers have full accountability of their portfolios.
They are empowered to invest with conviction in a risk-controlled framework. We call this our ‘Trust but Verify' mindset and it is what underpins our success."


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Source: AXA Investment Managers

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