BANNER - Empowering women at AXA IM

CONTENT - Introduction - Empowering women at AXA IM

We’re taking meaningful steps to improve gender diversity

Building an inclusive and equitable workplace for both men and women is a key priority on AXA IM’s diversity and inclusion action plan. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s essential to the commercial success of our business. Companies with a good balance of men and women in senior roles have better insights into their customers and market opportunities, make better decisions, and perform better financially. 

A global challenge facing the asset management industry is the underrepresentation of women in the workforce, plus even higher levels of gender imbalance in senior and investment roles. At AXA IM, it is encouraging that women represent 36% of the AXA IM Management Board and in addition, 50% of our investment functions are led by women. However, we know we need to do much more work on building a sustainable female talent pipeline.

Our ambition is to achieve sustainable gender balance at all levels of the organisation, to ensure a solid framework of gender inclusive policies and to build a truly inclusive workplace culture. To achieve our goals, we are undertaking a number of proactive steps to improve gender equality, putting into place a comprehensive action plan that:

  • nurtures the career progression of our internal talent – through coaching, mentoring, supporting our working families, embracing flexible working and building inclusive leadership skills;
  • drives even greater inclusivity in our attraction, hiring and promotion practices
  • rigorously monitors our progress in ensuring equal opportunity in all aspects of employment 

Proud signatory to the Women in Finance Charter


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Making our public pledge is an important marker of our commitment to supporting the career progression of female talent and improving gender balance at senior levels. The charter aims to build a more balanced and fair financial services industry and is already proving to be a powerful catalyst for change across the sector. Our target is for women to represent 40% of our senior executive team globally by 2020.


From awareness to action: EDGE, the global business certification for gender equality

Through this intensive process of certification, AXA IM is undertaking an independently reviewed diagnostic of our organisational strengths and weaknesses in fostering gender equality. This includes a large employee perception survey across several countries, plus a comprehensive review of our policies, practices and organisational metrics. Our results will be benchmarked against both global standards and peer organisations and impactful action plans will be put in place to ensure we accelerate progress.

Supporting greater transparency in gender pay reporting

AXA IM fully supports the new legislation introduced in 2017 that requires all UK employers with more than 250 employees to annually publish their gender pay gap data. This new strategy not only aims to raise awareness of the pay gap that exists widely across the UK, but also encourages businesses to play an active role in closing the gap within the UK labour market.

Take a look at our 2017 UK Gender Pay Gap Report here