Iggo's Insight - Garland Day

Sentiment in markets has been positively impacted by signs of increased activity where lock-downs are starting to be lifted. This could continue as more restrictions are eased and consumers emerge...

AXA IM and XP Investments partner to bring digital economy and automation strategies to the Brazilian market

In an environment characterized by heightened market volatility and a sharp rise in employees working from home, AXA Investment Managers (“AXA IM”), a leader in active, long-term investing and XP...

Insight - Global Factor Views

Despite Covid-19 lockdowns being eased in many countries, the crisis continues to hinder global economic activity. Authorities across the world have mounted a significant response using a...

Macrocast - Hamilton has not sung yet

While the market is understandably more sensitive to the newsflow around a potential vaccine than to economic data, we still focus on the “background noise” which is likely to accompany the...

Insight - High yield: Opportunities on the rise as the fallen angels descend

The hit has been hard, but the sector might have the flexibility (and monetary policy support) to have a decent crisis

MACROCAST PODCAST #9 - Hamilton has not sung yet

Every Monday, Gilles Moec, AXA Group Chief Economist and AXA IM Head of Research, shares his views on how international events are impacting financial markets.

Insight - Semiconductors: The brain enabling technology shifts

The semiconductor industry has enjoyed significant growth in the digital age - a trend expected to continue



Insight - Post-COVID-19, innovation in healthcare is here to stay

As the coronavirus pandemic has developed, we have been inspired by the coordinated response of healthcare providers, diagnostic testing companies and the biopharmaceutical industry.

Digital Economy insight - How COVID-19 has accelerated trends in the digital economy

Many companies at the centre of the digital economy have been well-placed to support life under lockdown

May investment strategy - Economies begin to emerge

The speed of the post lockdown recovery will be partly dependent on how the “saving overhang” is spent.

Iggo's Insight- A view from the markets - Something for every view

The future is always unpredictable but when the recent past has been so strange the outlook is even more clouded. That makes investment decision making hard and trying to assess whether markets are...

COVID-19: Greening the recovery

The economic shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to a steep fall in greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Estimates suggest it has fallen by a quarter.

How the Digital Economy has been supporting life in lockdown

Many of the companies within the Digital Economy have been well placed to
assist with the challenges presented by government enforced policies of Stay at
Home and Work from Home during the spread...

Iggo's insight - Four strands of a medium term view

Recovery momentum in markets has faded in the last couple of weeks.

How COVID-19 might impact the longevity economy

Healthcare has come under the spotlight during the coronavirus pandemic, as the sector is seen as a key part of the solution to global health emergency.

Macrocast - Big Figures Looking Smaller

The ECB's EPP looked massive when it was announced. We are now getting concerned by a pace of purchases consistent with the EUR750bn being spent by the end of the summer.

Everyday AI: From Hype to Reality

Beyond factory walls, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives.

INSIGHT - COVID-19: How a new breed of bonds can help finance the fight

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic will incur a huge cost to the
global economy.

COVID-19: How a new breed of bonds can help finance the fight

Théo Kotula and Marie Fromaget, Responsible Investment Analysts at AXA Investment Managers, comment on COVID-19 bonds and how this new asset class can help finance the fight against coronavirus