Iggo's insight - When doves don’t hike

The market believes the Fed is done and is pricing in a rate cut as the next move. For the moment this is a bullish scenario for markets.

March Investment Strategy: Liquidity: The tide is high as central banks hold on

From the European Central Bank’s tiny steps to the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet policy, the liquidity tide is high.

The week in rev-EU

It was the week before Brexit, until 12 April became the new deadline

Why earnings matter

Rosenberg Equities’ core investment belief is that earnings matter. Why? Because we believe that future earnings and fundamentals ultimately drive share prices.

Deutsche Qualität

The German economy has slowed significantly in 2018, dampened by weak trade and poor private consumption.

When innovation becomes investable

Distinguishing innovation from investment reality is crucial when investing. Dani Saurymper, Jeremy Gleeson and Tom Riley demonstrate how to tell the difference.

When does innovation become investable?

Today, companies stand on the frontier of enormous technological innovation, but it can be challenging for equity investors to determine which technologies will lead to positive long-term...

The Evolving Economy - A fresh approach to equity investing

The way that companies do business has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, but many investors’ approach to equities has remained the same.

Why the consumer is king for thematic investors?

The consumer is king for thematic investors. Anne Tolmunen and Jeremy Gleeson explain why this is true across both developed and emerging markets.

Does politics matter to equity investors?

Do politics matter to equity investors? Amanda O’Toole and Dani Saurymper share their views and considerations on the matter. Does

Five unexpected stocks driving the automotive industry

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving from a select group of manufacturers to a broad ecosystem of innovative companies and technologies as electric, autonomous and intelligent cars become a...

Are consumers the catalyst for environmental change?

When it comes to environmental issues, consumers are realising just how powerful their voices can be.

Global water supply will remain stagnant

Global population is increasing while water resources remain the same.

Industrial robotics

The demand for industrial robots has accelerated due to the ongoing
trend towards automation and innovative technological advancements.

The robotics industry and the broadening application of this technology

Robotics is a very established field, but the applications of this technology are steadily broadening across industries.

How is automation impacting consumer behaviour?

How is automation influencing consumer behaviour? Jeremy Gleeson and Tom Riley shed some light on this long-term trend.

How technology is changing how companies and consumers interact

Robots were once a niche opportunity, but significant technological changes over the last few years, such as sensors and vision systems, are enabling more mainstream adoption of robotics and...

What are companies doing to tackle the impending dementia crisis?

As life expectancies continue to rise, dementia is likely to become one of the world’s most challenging medical conditions, affecting an ever-larger proportion of the population.

What does the silver dollar mean for investors?

Older generations are an often overlooked driver of global spending. Discover what increasing longevity means for companies and consumption.

What you need to know about longevity in 9 charts

Increasing life expectancies are one of the greatest socioeconomic transformations of our time, with significant implications for companies and investors alike.