Central and Eastern Europe defying gravity?

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) economies have proved resilient so far. They remain nevertheless sensitive to the slowdown in world trade, given their high degree of openness.

Biodiversity crisis: The role of investors in resolving species extinction - Part 2

AXA IM is set to start a biodiversity engagement programme with investee companies across several sectors, to better understand how such firms take this issue into account.

Biodiversity crisis: The role of investors in resolving species extinction - Part 1

We assess how investors are impacted by the practices of investee companies – in terms of those which cause biodiversity loss and others which are harmed by it.

Bank of Japan wary of deeper negative interest rates

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) will hold its monetary policy meeting on 19 September. Amid rising expectations for rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, we do not expect the BoJ...

AXA IM Renames Equity Income Fund to Reflect Wider Investment Universe

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) today announces the AXA Framlington Blue Chip Equity Income Fund has been renamed the AXA Framlington UK Equity Income Fund to better reflect its new investment...

Iggo's Insight - Summer's Gone

The ECB has cemented low rates for a long time and it will also resume buying bonds. Can yields rise substantially in that environment? I suspect that bond yields remain low, even if they don’t...

Macro Insight - ECB cuts rates, Fed expected to follow; Brexit political drama continues and oil prices spike

The US Federal Reserve’s interest rate announcement and press conference on Wednesday evening will dominate financial markets’ focus this week. We remain of the view that the Fed will ease monetary...

Macrocast - Unfinished business

The ECB announcements last week seem to have left the market quite quizzical. On the face of it, the central bank delivered what the market was hoping and beyond, with an “open-ended” quantitative...

Iggo's Insight - Get Your Coat

The short-lived divergence of global monetary policy in 2017-2018 gave way to the super gravitational pull of negative interest rates in 2019.

Climate scenario analysis: Assessing the future for investments

Climate change scenario analysis seeks to understand the future impact of global warming. Our approach tests the alignment of investment portfolios to future global warming outcomes –...

AXA IM to launch fourth impact investing strategy focusing on emerging and frontier consumers

• AXA IM is to launch fourth private market impact investing strategy later this year.
• The latest offering will focus on addressing the basic needs of the emerging consumer through...

China: source of tectonic shifts in global finance

China’s integration into the world will reshape the global financial system much like its economic integration did to the global economy.

Macro insights - US payrolls signal easing, UK election seems inevitable and ECB between a rock and a hard place

A mixed batch of numbers from the latest US payrolls report last week left our outlook as expecting another easing in the US Fed Funds Rates in next week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

Macrocast - The ideal and the practical

German Industrial production (IP) fell again in July. If IP stabilises over the rest of the summer, over the third quarter (Q3) the quarterly decline would reach 1.6%, only marginally less bad than...

UK reaction: UK government loses control of Brexit

Last night saw a series of votes that appeared to sketch out the shape of the next phase of the Brexit process. On Tuesday night, Parliament voted by a majority of 27 to seize control of the...

Italy: New cards on an old table

Italian politics are back at centre stage, with Lega party leader Matteo Salvini unexpectedly triggering a government crisis and making way for what in many ways is yet another spurious coalition....

China – farewell to the large current account surplus

The steady erosion of China’s current account (CA) surplus is an illustration of the ongoing structural shifts in the Chinese economy and its changing relationship with the outside world.

Macrocast - Of academic and ancient wars

Almost exactly at the time the European Central Bank is preparing another decline in the deposit rate, doubts in academic circles on the efficacy of negative rates are mounting.

Macro insights - Trade war ratchets higher, the Brexit battle intensifies while Italy looks to form a new government

The US/China trade war ratcheted higher over the weekend, with further tariff increases imposed on Sunday.

Iggo's Insight - Definitely, Maybe

Suddenly the Brexit stakes have been raised. Prime Minister Johnson has made a call that convincing the world that he is prepared to leave the EU without a deal and that he is prepared to take...