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Our approach to Capital Growth

We combine active asset allocation and security/instrument selection with a risk-monitoring framework, thus aiming to achieve long-term excess returns above specified performance indicators. Examples of our diverse investment approach include:

  • Flexible global or European total return: We aim to capture part of the Equity market’s upside while mitigating downside risk by selective hedging and diversification across lower risk assets.
  • Long-term growth: A Multi-Asset strategy that blends thematic, long-term orientated equity security selection with diversified Fixed Income and Real Assets.
  • Risk budgeting: We use proprietary mechanisms that dynamically and reactively adjust the portfolio’s exposure according to market conditions with the objective of reducing volatility and limiting maximum drawdown, while still benefitting from market opportunities.
  • Target maturity: Broadly diversified strategies adapted to the age and risk profile of each investor in a transparent and flexible framework. As the target retirement date approaches, the strategy glides towards an allocation that aims to reduce portfolio risk in order to mitigate against capital loss.
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