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The Board of Directors is appointed by shareholders and is ultimately responsible for AXA IM. It approves the strategy, oversees management's activities and approves major investments, e.g. acquisitions.

Board members are representatives of AXA IM's shareholders, executive management and independent non-executive directors. Permanent invitees include representatives from the Works Council, AXA IM's Chief Operating Officer and General Secretary/Chief Financial Officer. The secretary of the Board is AXA IM's General Counsel.

Meetings are held at least five times a year.

Christoff Kutscher's portrait

Christof Kutscher

Chairman of the Board of Directors



Jean-Pierre Hellebuyck's portraitJean-Pierre Hellebuyck

Vice-Chairman & Board Director



Andrea Rossi's portrait

Andrea Rossi

Chief Executive Officer and Board Director



Colin Clark

Board Director

Gerald Harlin's portraitGerald Harlin

Permanent representative of AXA, Board Director 



Amaury de Warenghien's portrait

Amaury de Warenghien

Permanent representative of AXA France IARD, Board Director



Christophe Avenel

Board Director



Bernard EIDEL

Director representing the employees