BIOGRAPHY - Director - Van Nunen & Partners - Anton Van Nunen - EN


Van Nunen & Partners

  • Since 1998, Anton is the director/owner of Van Nunen & Partners.

  • Next to that he advised major companies such as Allianz Global Investors, Polaris/Cariplo and Eureko Insurance Company.

  • Current assignments are in Holland (director Strategic Pension Management at Syntrus Achmea), the UK and Italy.

  • He is an advisor to five pension funds and two other financial organisations.

  • He is a visiting professor of Nyenrode University and Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

  • In 2008 Anton won the European Pensions Award for Personality of the Year, in 2009 the IPE Gold Award for outstanding industry contribution and in 2011 the Decade of Distinction Award by Global Pensions.

  • Prior to this, from 1988 to 1992, he set up the research department and was a director of Institutional Sales of Rabobank International.

  • From 1992 to 1998 he was vice president of Interpolis Insurance Company, responsible for investments.

  • During 2001 and 2002 he provided expert advice in financial affairs for a Dutch court.

  • Anton received his Ph.D. in macroeconomics and the theory of money, credit and banking at Tilburg University, working as an assistant professor, and published in the fields of macroeconomics, banking and financial markets.

  • After introducing the fiduciary concept (2001), he wrote “Fiduciair Management, Een blauwdruk voor een goed bestuur van institutionele beleggers” (2007), which was translated into English (Wiley & Sons 2008), Japanese (Uni Agency 2009) and German (FinanzbuchVerlag 2009).

  • He wrote numerous articles for dedicated magazines and regularly publishes in Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.