AXA IM Progress

AXA IM Progress is where we share our journey to become Better Tomorrow as a business. Here, we will show you how and why AXA IM is changing, explore themes that support our principles and advance our goals of better serving the changing needs of our customers. This is where we will empower our employees to tell their story and ask clients, partners and external experts for their experiences, for their story is our story!


Calling for inclusion of financial education on the national curriculum.

See how we are progressing towards a better tomorrow

Join us on our journey to becoming Better Tomorrow. Each month we will share a new story revealing our progress.

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Our Progress to a Better Tomorrow

Andrea Rossi, CEO of AXA IM, introduces AXA IM’s journey to build a Better Tomorrow.

What does Better Tomorrow really mean?

Better Tomorrow changes how we think and act. We are committed to sharing more on our own actions, the impact we are having on society and on our clients, and the beliefs that drive us.
We are also committed to sharing more on the steps we are taking to improve the working lives of our employees.

A Better Tomorrow starts today.