RedSTART video transcript

Kier Macdonald: Financial education is hugely important for young children. There have been studies that show that financial habits are formed as young as 7 years old. Getting this information to young people as early as possible is vital in order to give them the tools that they need to make these kind of decisions in everyday life.

Herschel Pant: I think financial education for young people is extremely important. If I look back at my younger days I was never formally taught the importance of saving, budgeting, goal setting.

Anne Tolmunen: I think it's something that's not part of the school curriculum but it's an essential skill to learn.

Kier Macdonald: AXA IM are a partner of RedStart and I've been really enthusiastically delivering the education sessions that we've developed. So, we'll have a number of different games that students can play throughout the day and each one of them contains an element of financial education on money management. It's a way of getting them to engage with money and start thinking about it and start learning the right things from it. But in a fun, entertaining way.

Mark Yeates: It's just getting fairly simple concepts. But just making them think and trying to relate them to their everyday lives.

Child 1: Lots of the activities are really interesting and I think they're like a smaller version of the real world when you’re a grown up.

Kristy Edge: Yeah you can definitely see that children have enjoyed it today they’re all really engaged. They are focussed and they're not sat down doing nothing, they’re all getting involved.

Pascale Demont: Was really a great experience to see how the kids first started just to play the games and then progressively start to build a strategy as to why one game was better than the other. We could see that they were starting to understand some of the concept about how to best manage their money.

Lara Webb: I think these opportunities chime with our commitments to being long term, to being responsible, to looking forward.

Pascale Demont: It's really a way to share our experience with the wider community and actually to hopefully help some of the kids make the right decision. And it's very rewarding.

Anne Tolmunen: This is a good way to give back and teach children about what may be a bit of a dry topic for them. It's a basic part of giving back to society where and when we can.

Herchel Pant: I got involved with RedStart when I joined AXA IM. It was one of the programs that was happening. I put my hand up because it was something which was very exciting for me. And then I've been involved ever since.

Kier Macdonald: RedStart’s mission from day one actually has been to bring financial education to one million young people and give them confidence in handling their money. And we've given ourselves a deadline of 2025. The last few years have really been taken up with figuring out how can we take what we do already and what we know works well and scale it up so it reaches that 1 million mark.