KickStart video transcript

Stephen Forster: Financial education in primary school is not something we focus on lots and lots.

Hannah Paxton: I don't think that children learn enough about financial education at the moment it's not part of the curriculum.

Anna Billington: All they know is how to count money and how to spend it. I would say.

Jeremy Gleeson: I think it's massively important for institutions and financial institutions such as AXA IM to be involved in initiatives like this.

Emma Edwards: Today we're having some Kickstart sessions from MyBnk, which I know the children are really looking forward to.

Andrew Small: My name is Andy I work for MyBnk as an Education Officer which entails going into schools and organizations and working with young people talking about finance.

Child 1: We learned about how much it costs to buy the priorities for living and salaries and bills.

Hannah Paxton: The children are hands on, they're engaged, they're listening, they're discussing with their partners. They're not just being told reams of facts.

Jeremy Gleeson: Just seeing the kids start to understand the concepts of budgeting and saving, as well as spending, is really enjoyable.

Andrew Small: This is a three step program. You see the change from the first week and then a month later, having done three sessions, children are excited to talk about money.

Child 2: Normal lessons you learn about Maths or English. In this lesson you learn about something outside of those topics.

Jeremy Gleeson: It'd be great if you'd see this rolled out nationally. To all schools so that every child in the country can take part.

Guy Rigden: Clearly one of the objectives of KickStart is to get change. To get change you need the buy in of those that can influence change such as members of parliament. So far, we've had almost 20 members of parliament visit the programs in action in a classroom and that's a very powerful way of seeing that here is  financial education that makes a difference.

Andrew Small: Give young people more of a head start in their futures and get them thinking about it. AXA Investment Managers have taken an active role to be part of making that happen.