PolECulE video transcript

Girl 1:
Honestly, it’s been better than any other politics or economics courses we’ve had in other schools.

Girl 2:
First, I thought that when we learn about finance it would be boring and everything, but our lessons are very interesting.

Boy 1:
After Polecule it really got into my life and I’m always using it.

Achim Stranz (CIO, AXA IM Germany):
It was about four years ago that a project representative from the Goethe University approached us and actually AXA IM were more than happy to contribute there because we think it’s a great initiative.

Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner:
Polecule is a project in which we developed a framework for bilingual teaching of politics economics and culture.

Prof. Dr. Tim Engartner:
At the very beginning in Spring 2015 it was just one school that we were in touch with but now it’s more than a dozen schools and even more important we are backed by the Essen Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Andreas Lenz:
It is always difficult to just focus on one topic alone. That is why it is important that teachers from several disciplines come together to create a theme.

Achim Stranz (CIO, AXA IM Germany):
We have done some studies, seven years in a row, where we figured out especially the financial knowledge in the German population is, to say the least, not where it should be.

Subin Nijhawan:
I realise we need more financial education in schools. Just seeing the questions, the students ask. We need to start at the earliest possible time to make it accessible to young people.

Girl 1:
It gives you an outlook into later life to basically know how the world of finance works,

Achim Stranz (CIO, AXA IM Germany):
We are one of the key sponsors of the project, but next to just contributing some money we contribute up to date, accurate, economic research. So that keeps the project relevant through the periods of time.

Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner:
So, I think it’s important that companies support projects like us because the students of today definitely their employees of tomorrow.

Achim Stranz (CIO, AXA IM Germany):
We hope that it’s going to be expanded Germany wide and that every school children will have access to the project.