Andrea Rossi - Video transcript

At AXA Investment Managers we are building a better tomorrow for our customers and our employees. A better tomorrow changes how we think and act. How we define our success, it takes courage to challenge convention. To embrace the failures that accompany real innovation, to acquire new skills and to form new partnerships.

We had the opportunity to redefine many aspects of our industry. And we are proud to share our journey with you, showing what it takes to be better tomorrow. Sharing our challenges, our achievements and our progress.

Andrea Rossi: This is what excites me. The people inside this room, in our offices all around the world are working hard to transform our business. To better serve our clients, to make a difference. Our goals are ambitious - I know that. But these are not just my goals, they are shared, and it is our team worldwide that is driving the change day by day. I am proud to be part of this journey.

And as the team will say: “A better tomorrow starts today.”

I am Andrea Rossi and we are AXA IM.