Role:  Asia Chief Financial Officer
Business Area:  Finance
Nationality:  Chinese
Location:  Hong Kong

How did you come to work at AXA IM?

Being a professional accountant for more than 18 years, my career started back in the United States after graduating from Baruch College, City University of New York with a Bachelor of Business Administration.  I worked for 8 years, starting as a junior accountant to becoming a partner of a mid-size CPA firm in New York City and got my professional license as a Certified Public Accountant, before moving back to my home country, Hong Kong. 

I then started my investment banking life, spending 7 years working in the finance departments of Morgan Stanley, RBS and Nomura.  In 2011, a change in my career path led to my life at AXA IM.  I started as a financial controller and was then promoted to be the CFO of the region.

What do you currently do?

As the CFO of the region, I take care of the day to day finance functions for various countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. It's an all-round job scope including financial accounting, management accounting, capital estimation, tax, audit and projects.  

I also support our local management in decision-making and setting and implementing local and global strategies. Some of my time is spent working closely with my manager in Paris, who is the Global CFO and all my counter-parts around the world.  In addition, I manage a small team who are located in the region.   

What do you like most about working for AXA IM?

AXA IM is a very innovative and open-minded company encouraging people to share and communicate. I enjoy sharing working experiences and best practices among my team, my counter-parts and even my internal clients. There are no fixed rules that you can't challenge. We are all working as a big family no matter where we are and share thoughts as brothers and sisters. 

We like to get things done and work hard towards our goals. Of course, there are challenges every day as in most of companies but all of us will work hard to overcome them together. If we succeed, we celebrate and if we fail, we step back and look at the reasons and start again. This is the team spirit I like the best and why I can continue to come to work and leave the office with a happy face.

Interview led in 2013.