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AXA IM Progress is where we share our journey to become Better Tomorrow as a business. Here, we will show you how and why AXA IM is changing, explore themes that support our principles and advance our goals of better serving the changing needs of our customers. This is where we will empower our employees to tell their story and ask clients, partners and external experts for their experiences, for their story is our story!

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The human side of change

by Amélie Watelet, Chief Transformation Officer and Global Head of HR and Communications

Change starts with having a clear purpose.  A common purpose stirs an emotional response, an energy and a drive. It creates belief. This is nearly always more unifying than a strategic roadmap!

At its core, AXA IM’s purpose is about improvement.  Of course, you would expect a major global asset manager to aim to deliver sustainable and strong investment performance for our clients but being Better Tomorrow goes much further.  Being Better Tomorrow is as much about the positive societal impact we create as an employer and as a corporate citizen, as it is about our investment capability.  It is about leading the charge in an industry that must make investing easier.

Our premise is that we improve ourselves, our lives and our business and, in doing so, we are backing ourselves to build better futures for our clients, our employees and the communities we touch.

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