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Bienvenido al centro de medios de comunicación de AXA IM. Aquí podrá encontrar información acerca de AXA Investment Managers, la gestora de inversiones multiespecialista que sirve a inversores institucionales, distribuidores y compañías de seguros del Grupo AXA. Para información dedicada a productos, visite nuestra página web internacional.

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28/07/2014 - China: continue the economic miracle, by Aidan Yao, AXA IM Emerging Asia Economist

After more than three decades of rapid growth, the Chinese economy is at a major cross-roads. An ageing population and growing structural imbalances are casting doubts about the sustainability...

23/07/2014 - Freedom and choice in pensions consultation: impact on LDI, by Senior Solutions Manager Shajahan Alam

Shajahan Alam, Senior Solutions Manager in the AXA IM UK LDI team, comments on the "Freedom and Choice in Pensions" consultation outcome and the particular relevance to the LDI community. Read...

15/07/2014 - AXA IM: Inflation outlook, fund manager Jonathan Baltora comments

In our view, UK RPI is set to reach 3% only late in 2014, and we have positioned our portfolio to be short real yields, underweight 5-20 year gilts and long UK linkers.


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