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Análisis de investigación Investment Acumen

Impulsados por nuestra convicción de que el conocimiento crea valor, la investigación se lleva a cabo a través de todas las áreas de especialización de AXA Investment Managers. Investment Acumen, nuestra revista semestral de análisis, cubre las últimas tendencias y retos clave para nuestros clientes.

Por favor, tome nota de que la información incluida en esta parte de la página web es para asesores profesionales o inversores institucionales.   


Último Investment Acumen

28/03/2014 - The Case for Investing in Convertible Bonds and more...

This issue of Investment Acumen explores several interesting investment ideas and - in doing so - reveals several insights as to the nature of some new and renewed opportunities.

09/01/2014 - The post Quantitative Easing world

The end of quantitative easing in the United States should mark a major milestone along the path back to a world of conventional monetary policy and markets driven by fundamentals.

25/09/2013 - Insurance-Linked Securities Markets (infographic)

Insurance-linked securities are financial instruments that remunerate investors for taking on insurance risks via capital markets.

12/09/2013 - Smart beta, volatility, emerging markets and more: Investment Acumen 16

For 6 years now, these pages have served to bring you the latest thinking and investment ideas from our multiexpert investment teams in order to help you position your portfolio to meet...

03/07/2013 - Senior Secured Loans (Infographic)

Senior secured loans can offer institutional investors attractive risk-adjusted returns and diversification across the high yield credit universe.


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Latest Investment Acumen

The case for Investing in Convertible Bond
and more...
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Análisis y posibles soluciones 1682 KB PDF 


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