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The Future of Europe

AXA IM Symposium 2015 - The Future of Europe

5th - 6th May 2015 - London

While the US is gently recovering and China gently slowing, all eyes are turning to Europe, the slowest ship in the global recovery race. The ‘whatever it takes‘ position taken by the ECB may help in the short term, not in the longer run.

The euro area still has serious existential issues: will it turn more federalist, with low debt countries accepting to share the debt burden of others?

Will it remain faithful to the Maastricht Treaty and let debt restructuring occur?


All through Europe, the political reality is the rise of euroscepticism in public opinions and its political expression. Gauged by global investors, these political uncertainties carry a significant and varying risk premium on financial assets.

At our 6th AXA IM symposium, we will debate with eyes wide open on these political and economic issues. We hear the views of thought leaders such as Philipp Hildebrand, Vice Chairman of Blackrock, Huw Pill, chief European economist at Goldman Sachs, Stephen Li Jen, founder of SLJ Macro Partners. One thing is sure: the debate will be hot!

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